Computing Services and Support for SAS Faculty and Staff

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Common topics in computer support for SAS faculty and staff members

For assistance with Remote Teaching please click here.

Getting Help

Your Local Support Provider (LSP) provides computing help for faculty and staff at your campus location or through email. You can find out who your LSP is and the best way to contact them here. 

Useful Links and Contacts

We've compiled a handy list of resources for teaching, course management, advising, research, and more.

Remote Desktop access

For information about getting started with Remote Desktop access please click here.

For information about FortiClient, the Virtual Private Network (VPN) SAS uses for Remote Desktop and other SAS resources access from off campus, please click here.

Get Started Accessing Electronic Resources in SAS

Here are the first steps to get new faculty and staff members on board with electronic resources such as PennCard, PennKey, email, internet access, course management, and file storage.

Desktop Computers

The SAS desktop computer allocation program provides computers to eligible SAS faculty and staff. Please check with your LSP for more information about eligibility for this program. If you wish to purchase a computer with departmental, research, or grant funds, please first consult our recommendations and policies regarding purchasing desktop computers, and find out which hardware and operating systems we support. More information about desktop computing is available here.

SAS Email Services

Faculty and staff of the School of Arts and Sciences are eligible for SAS email accounts. Most full-time SAS faculty and staff members use PennO365 for email. Some faculty and staff will be eligible for a Google@SAS account. Your appointment and affiliation will determine which email system you will use. You can create your SAS email account by going here.

**Two-Step Verification for PennO365 is now required to access your email.  Please click here for more information.**

If your email is on PennO365, you can access your account here and you can find help for your PennO365 account here. If your email is on Google@SAS you can access your account here and you can find help for your Google@SAS account here.


A PennKey is an individual's username and an associated password within the PennKey authentication system. A PennKey is required to authenticate your identity for access to many of Penn's electronic resources. Your PennKey is based on your PennName, a unique identifier for usernames on many Penn systems. PennNames can be changed only under the following circumstances:

• A legal name change
• A PennName is deemed offensive to the Penn community
• Reported email harassment or threats that warrant a change

If you need to make a change to your Pennkey and your circumstance fits the above criteria please fill out this form.

Information Security and Privacy

Because we handle valuable and sensitive information and because hackers and con artists are a constant threat, following our recommendations and guidelines regarding security and privacy is imperative. It is vital to install antivirus software and keep it up to date.

Website Services and Support

The SASC Web Team provides website design and development services for eligible departments, centers, programs, and graduate groups, as well CampusPress website provisioning for individuals and groups. Submit a form to the Web Team to request a new site or support for an existing site.

Teaching Resources

Visit Instructional Technology & Pedagogy Support Services for Faculty for an overview of what services are available and how to get help with technology for teaching.

Research Computing

SAS Computing provides specialized support for research and high performance computing. The Information Security and Unix Services (ISUS) group provides system administration and related services for Linux clusters and other high-performance systems. Please contact ISUS for more information about how we can help support your research interests.

Databases and Administrative Data

Institutional Research and Application Development (IRAD) provides a variety of specialized data services, including: database applications, database consulting, and data retrieval.

File Servers and SAS Active Directory Accounts

SAS faculty and staff use Windows Active Directory (AD) accounts to access many network resources, including departmental shared drives (file shares) and individual storage spaces on the SAS central fileservers (U:\ drive).

Data backup

SAS Faculty and Staff have access to backup options provided by the University, but which one works best for your use case?

Wired and Wireless Networking

SAS Computing staff work in close coordination with ISC Networking to manage and support the wired and wireless networks used throughout SAS buildings.