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SAS Computing is the technology support organization for Penn's School of Arts & Sciences.

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Dependable, secure, up-to-date information technology is vital to the academic mission of the School and the University. Our faculty, staff, and students use information technology (sometimes in very creative ways) in the service of research and learning. SAS Computing is the department of the School of Arts & Sciences that is responsible for supporting their use of information technology. SAS Computing staff members work year-round to make sure our students, faculty, and staff have the technological tools they need for outstanding educational achievements in the Information Age.

Computing Support

Computing support for students is provided by both SAS Computing and other groups at Penn, including College House Computing and the Computing Resource Center (CRC) located at Sansom Place West, 3650 Chestnut St., Suite 202. Visit our Computing Help page for students for more information.

Computing support for SAS faculty and staff is coordinated through local support providers (LSPs). You can identify your LSP by checking the list of departments and centers. Please visit the Computing Help page for faculty and staff for more information.


SAS Computing staff members are distributed throughout the School’s departments and units in order to provide more immediate, more specialized, and more personalized service. Use the following staff listings to find the people you need.



SAS Computing provides a wide variety of services for research, teaching and administration, including support for:

  • Email and calendar systems for faculty, staff, and students
  • Hosting web sites for departments, research groups, and individual faculty
  • Instructional technology including the Canvas Learning Management System, classroom technology and computer labs
  • Information security best practices for end-users, research projects, and administration
  • Design and management of high performance computing systems including on-campus cluster and cloud-based resources
  • Desktop computers for faculty and staff
  • File servers and other resources for secure document storage and collaboration
  • Application and database development for administrative and academic systems

For more information, see Computing Services & Support for SAS Faculty and Staff  and Computing Services & Support for SAS Students and Alumni

Projects and Initiatives

See a list of SAS Computing technology Beta projects.