SAS Desktop Computer Allocations Program

  • Faculty & Staff

This page describes the computer allocations program for SAS standing faculty. SAS staff and lecturers should contact their local computing support provider (LSP) if they have questions about the program. See here to find your LSP:


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Program Overview

The purpose of the allocations program is to ensure that each person in an Allocation eligible position has a computer for his/her/their use in teaching, research, and administration. SAS Computing will maintain equipment provided by SAS Computing during its supported life. The current replacement cycle is between four and five years.

High End Options: Preconfigured "high end" computers systems are available for selection as allocation computers. You will need to provide an approved University budget number to which the extra cost is to be charged.

Special Orders: If neither the standard or high end option meets your needs, special orders are available. As in the case of the high end options, the extra cost must be covered by other University funds. If you are considering a special order please check our web pages on supported hardware and operating systems.

Lead Time: Expect standard options to take up to four weeks for delivery to you. High end options generally take an additional two weeks. Please check with us at the time of order for current special order lead times.

Program Guidelines

This equipment is for the primary use of the person to whom it is assigned, either in his/her office or, in the case of standing faculty, at his/her home.

The University's theft insurance requires that desktop computers be fastened to a table or desk in your office. Laptops should be secured whenever possible. SAS Computing provides security locks for all Allocations computers.

Any problems with the equipment should be reported to your local computing support provider (LSP) as soon as possible after they occur. Computer repairs should be coordinated through SAS Computing. In an emergency, permission may be requested to bypass this protocol.

If you wish to install additional software, or upgrade or reconfigure the hardware, please consult your LSPSoftware licensing restrictions should be observed at all times.

Please remember to back up your data on a regular basis. In the event of a hard drive crash or other system failure, SAS Computing may be unable to retrieve your files. SAS Computing does not pay for professional data recovery services.  We encourage all SAS faculty and staff to take advantage of our data backup program

In the event that the installation of additional software causes problems with the system that cannot be easily resolved, the hard drive may be wiped of all files and the original software reinstalled.


Information on Desktop Security Policies and Recommendations may be found here.