Information Security

  • Faculty & Staff

SAS Computing Information Security staff help safeguard the security and privacy of confidential University data. Services include:

  • Conducting the Security and Privacy Impact Assessment (SPIA) for SAS.  The SPIA process entails working with LSP groups to identify data security risks or processes which allow our team to review and catalogue.
  • Running security scans of Unix and Linux servers in SAS to assure that they are well protected.
  • Responding to reports of breaches of information security or privacy and coordinating with Penn's Privacy Officer.
  • Representing SAS on University committees related to information security and privacy.
  • Installing and maintaining the University's antivirus solution for allocated computers.
  • Coordinating and desigining SimPhish exercises to bring awareness and education to users.
  • Providing presentations for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month to bring attention to current InfoSec issues and updates.

Please reach out to with your questions about how to protect University data or report any possible breach of security.

SAS Information Security