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The Zoom web conferencing system provides an easy way to hold online meetings, office hours, or review sessions.  SAS faculty and staff can get Zoom accounts at no cost.
Find out how to get started with Zoom



The Respondus Lockdown Browser is a special web browser that students can use when taking tests in Canvas.   Once a test is started, students are locked into it until they submit it for grading; they are unable to access other web sites or programs. 
Learn more about the Respondus Lockdown Browser





Web.SAS by CampusPress.com Teachers or students can build websites on a special version of the popular WordPress platform.
Learn more about Web.SAS

Students can now get Matlab and Mathematica scientific software for free for use with their Coursework.  

Learn more about Matlab for Students

Learn more about Mathematica for Students



SAS students can get Microsoft Office software free of charge

Learn more about Microsoft Office for Students




Polling without the clickers.  PollEverywhere is a new system that lets your students respond to in-class polling with their smartphones or computers.  With PollEverywhere, students don't need to buy clickers.

Learn more about how to conduct in-class polls with your students.





 Other Important Resources for Teaching


Canvas Logo

Canvas is Penn's primary online system to support teaching.  With Canvas you can conduct many of the essential activities for your class.

  • post readings, videos, powerpoint slides or other teaching materials
  • post announcements or send messages to your students
  • record grades and communicate them to students
  • have students submit papers or other assignments online
  • conduct online discussions
  • post online quizzes or surveys

Find out how to get started using Canvas 



Weigle Information CommonsEducation Commons

Penn Libraries Weigle Information Commons and Education Commons provide many facilities and services to support teaching with technology.

  • Small group study rooms and seminar rooms
  • The Vitale Digital Media Lab
  • Worskhops and technology training materials
  • Poster printers, 3D printers and other specialized equipment

Learn more about the Information Commons and Education Commons



All classrooms are equipped with basic computer projection capabilites.  Many include other specials features.



Computer Lab

SAS Computing has two labs that can be reserved for class sessions. These labs are also available for walk-in access when they are not being used for classes. Other computers labs are available at Penn



Center for Teaching and Learning

  • Penn's Center for Teaching and Learning promotes teaching excellence at the University of Pennsylvania. For instructors at all levels — from senior faculty to teaching assistants — CTL offers individual teaching consultations, workshops, and discussions in which instructors talk with and learn from each other.  

Learn more about Penn's Center for Teaching and Learning


 SAS Computing Multi-Media Services provides a variety of digital media services

  • Hosting online audio and video materials
  • Record class sessions or events
  • Live streaming
  • Videoconferencing
  • Media conversions and duplication
  • Equipment loan

Visit Multi-Media Services for more information




Class Mailing Lists are automatically set up for all current courses. Instructors can use them to send email to their students.




Questions about technology for teaching? Contact instructional-support@sas.upenn.edu


Last reviewed August 5, 2022