Accounts for SAS Faculty & Staff

  • Faculty & Staff

Depending on the services of which they need to take advantage, SAS faculty and staff may require access to a number of different systems administered by SAS Computing staff, by Penn's central computing provider, Information Systems and Computing, or by Penn's Library system.

For access to most of the central University systems, a PennKey username and password are used. The PennKey username is also used as the username for all other Penn systems, including those administered by SAS Computing, but many local systems rely on a separately managed pasword. For more information about obtaining, using, and resetting the password for a PennKey, please see ISC's PennKey information page.

Most systems administered by SAS Computing require a separate account (username and password comination ) from the pennkey, but for all systems, the pennkey username is used for the account name or system login ID. This is to prevent naming conflicts across the larger number of University systems. Once selected, the pennkey username can not be changed, unless the faculty or staff member has a legal name change.

SAS systems for which accounts may be required are listed below, along with information about how to request or obtain the account.

  • SAS Email and Calendaring system for faculty and staff (PennO365) — account registration
  • SAS Windows Active Directory system — for file and print sharing and data backup — account request
  • FreshService — Ticketing System — account request to be created
  • Footprints — Task Tracking and Communication System — account request
  • Teamwork — Project Management System — account request