Networking Services and Support for Faculty and Staff

  • Faculty & Staff

SAS Computing staff members from the SAS Network Services workgroup coordinate all wired and wireless networking services for SAS locations, working in close coordination with SAS Computing local support providers and with ISC Networking staff. Information regarding the wired and wirelss services available to SAS faculty and staff is provided below. If you have further questions, require assistance with existing service, or need to arrange for new service, please contact your SAS Computing Local Support Provider (LSP). Find out who your LSP is.

Wired Networking

100 Mbit network ports are now the standard in all SAS buildings. All costs associated with this service are covered by the School. In some SAS buildings, 1 GB speed networking ports can be activated for use with servers, but additional costs may apply. Requests for activations of existing wallplate ports or additional wallplate installations can be submitted to your LSP.

Wireless Networking

The AirPennNet and AirPennNet Guest networks are available in most SAS buildings, just as they are in many campus locations. Just as with wired networking, SAS Computing staff coordinate closely with ISC Networking in providing this service. For more information about wireless connectivity on campus, please see the following pages:

SAS faculty and staff should contact their LSP if they require additional information or assistance with wireless networking.

Network Security

SAS Computing staff members from SAS Network Services can also assist with putting network security systems in place, such as hardware firewalls. SAS faculty and staff can contact their LSP, who will in turn work with our SAS Networking Services team to implement solutions. Please note that the equipment necessary to implement such systems will generally be paid for with department or research funds.