Alex Bond

IT Support Specialist
Social Sciences
Primary Responsibilities:

Local computing support for Sociology, Population Studies, Criminology, Latin American and Latino Studies, Asian American Studies, and Urban Studies.

First contact for Fels Government and Fox Leadership Centers. Also supports the Master of Behavioral and Decision Sciences and the Water Center.

Part of the Social Studies Help Desk, McNeil Building 304.

Contact Information
Office Hours: 9 AM - 5 PM, Monday - Friday
Office Location: McNeil Building 304
Telephone: 215-898-6454
Supported Departments
Asian American Studies 215-898-6454
Criminology 215-898-6454
Fels Center of Government 215-898-6454
Fox Leadership and PRRUCS 215-898-6454
Jerry Lee Center of Criminology 215-898-6454
Latin American and Latino Studies 215-898-6454
Population Studies Center 215-898-6454
Sociology 215-898-6454
Urban Studies 215-898-6454