The Panopto Player and Examples

  • Faculty & Staff

The Panopto player provides much more functionality than most video players.

  • Visit the Panopto Video Viewer overview page for a full description of the capabilities.
  • Then try it for yourself by viewing some lecture recordings created by SAS faculty using the Panopto Recorder software on a typical laptop computer.

Notice how the player includes:

  • Dual windows for camera and presentation materials.  Viewers can decide which to make bigger, and which to keep smaller.
  • A text and visual index automatically derived from the slide titles and slide changes.
  • Full text search based on both automatic speech recognition and text from the slides.  Try it! Search for a term you heard or saw during the presentation.
  • Variable speed playback. Playback can be sped up for review, or slowed down for non-native English speakers or others.
  • The ability to create bookmarks, take notes, or add comments.
    • Bookmarks and notes are personal. Only the person who entered them can see them.
    • Comments are viewable by anyone watching the video.  You can disable comments for individual videos or for all videos in a folder. 

Example 1: Dr. Yvette Bordeaux introductory video for Climate Change 230  

Panopto recording example 1

Notice how she references how the video relates to intended learning outcome and assignments.

Example 2: Dr. Rogers Smith mini lecture for Political Science 272

Panopto recording example 2

This mini lecture is one of many in the course that are used as prompts for discussion.