Moving messages and content from Google@SAS to a Personal Account

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Moving messages manually using IMAP

To transfer messages from your Google@SAS account into a personal account, you will need to configure both accounts as IMAP in a mail client, such as Outlook. After you have configured them, you will be able to drag and drop messages between the accounts to move your messages. To configure your Google@SAS account as IMAP in Outlook you can follow the instructions found here.

If you are transferring messages to another Gmail account you can use the same instructions for your personal Gmail account.

Google Takeout

Google Takeout can be used to export email messages and data from your Google@SAS account.  Email messages are exported in mbox format and can be imported into your personal account by using a mail client, such as Apple Mail for Mac and Thunderbird for Windows.

Instructions for exporting email messages can be found here. 

Instructions for importing messages into your personal account can be found here for Mac and here for Windows.