Research: Building a Website

  • Faculty & Staff

If you need a website for a project quickly, you can request a WordPress site at our CampusPress. No special web knowledge is required.

Undergrad and grad students can use Google Sites (Google@SAS sites) for class research projects.

Penn's Scholarly Commons ( can be used to share data with the public. It's an excellent way to make your information discoverable in a permanent public repository. For more information, consult with Sarah Wipperman (at at the Library.

Linked In Learning (formerly is also an excellent resource if you want to learn how to build a website. It's available for free to all faculty and staff at Penn.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) also offers useful tutorials on HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other aspects of web building in

The Science Gateways Community Institute ( supports researchers in building websites that interface a community with national cyberinfrastructure. These are sites that provide domain-specific data and tools to a community, computationally backed by the national-level supercomputers.

If you need help with a website or if you're thinking of hiring an outside or a student web developer, please consult your Local Support Provider. SAS Computing staff can recommend web designers and web developers with whom we've had good experiences. We can also provide guidelines for engaging the services of people who will meet our standards of style, security, and support.