Math Department Printers

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This page will show you how to install the Math Department network printers on your computer. Below you will find links to various operating systems with step-by-step picture tutorials, and a table with information regarding the different printers. Please note the hostname for which printer(s) you would like to set up then click on the link for the operating system on your current computer.


Please select an operating system:

Windows 7 & 10  | Mac OS X

Troubleshooting & Tips 

  • Computers must have network connectivity via Ethernet cable (PennNet) or WiFi on AirPennNet to configure or use the printers; devices on AirPennNet-Guest or eduroam cannot configure or use printers. 
  • For macOS before High Sierra (< 10.13): install the HP Drivers v5.1 from Apple and then follow the instructions above; on macOS 10.13, use the HP Easy Start utility both to install drivers and configure the printers. 
  • Printers process in duplex ("double-sided") by default. When printing landscape ("long-side down") jobs, select the option to flip on short-edge for duplex. 


Math Department

DRL-3N8 HP LaserJet Enterprise 506dn 
DRL-1N1 HP LaserJet 400 M401dn
DRL-3E10  Ricoh SP400 DN