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Wireless access at Penn consists of the main AirPennNet network, Connect to AirPennNet (a network to assist connection to AirPennNet), AirPennNet-Guest (for visitors to Penn), and AirPennNet-Device, a specialized network for devices that cannot use AirPennNet. Additionally, Penn is a participant in the Eduroam network (for visitors from participating institutions).


How to get onto AirPennNet using Connect to AirPennNet

  • Join the "Connect to AirPennNet" network

  • Visit

  • Read and agree to the University Wireless Network Terms of Service

  • Follow on-screen instructions for configuring CloudPath certificate

(Android devices only) download the CloudPath app from Penn servers (second link) rather than the Google Play Store

 For more information, consult Connect to AirPennNet and JoinNow.


Where to find assistance:


Key Features:

  • Encryption  —  traffic is encrypted to help protect data if intercepted

  • Easy Configuration  —  only requires a valid PennKey

  • Campus-Wide Availability  —  see ISC Networking wireless topology for details



AirPennNet-Guest is a wireless network for use by visitors to Penn. It has limited bandwidth and no encryption. It requires a valid email address, which must be must be registered daily.

How to get onto AirPennNet-Guest

  • Select the AirPennNet-Guest network from list of wireless networks.

  • Visit

  • Read and agree to the University Wireless Network Terms of Service.

  • Enter email address and follow the on-screen instructions.


AirPennNet-Device became available across the entire campus on August 15, 2017. AirPennNet-Device is a wireless network that is intended for devices such as Amazon Echo, Kindles, gaming consoles, door locks, and temperature monitors.

For more information, consult AirPennNet-Device information from ISC. The link to the Device Portal is

For More Information

As with wired networking, SAS Computing staff coordinate closely with ISC Networking in providing wireless service.  For more information about wireless connectivity on campus, please visit ISC Networking.

For further assistance, contact your Local Support Provider.