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SAS faculty and staff: if you need help, please consult the local support provider (LSP) for your department

Google no longer offers unlimited free storage for Google Workspace for Education. As a consequence of this, unlimited storage is no longer available to Google@SAS accounts. Effective the week of November 13, 2023, storage quotas will be applied to all Google@SAS accounts. These quotas will be structured around current usage so that at first no accounts will be over quota. On March 25, 2024. a 100GB quota will go into effect for all accounts.

Top 5 Email Help Issues for Students

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1. I can't access my Google@SAS account because I need to setup Two-Step Verification

Two-Step Verification is mandatory for new Student Google@SAS accounts and many Alumni Google@SAS accounts.  New Students have 30 days from the creation of their Google@SAS account to enable Two-Step Verification. After 30 days the account will be locked out due to the enforcement of the policy.  If you are unable to access your account because the 30 day time period has expired please go to: to take steps to secure your account.

2. My PennO365 Pro Plus account has stopped working.

Losing access to your PennO365 Pro Plus account can be related to a recent change in your Affiliation or from acquiring a new Affiliation that has overwritten your Student Eligibility.  Please fill out the form below and we can have a look to assist with regaining access.

3. How can I have my messages delivered to a different account?

You can make a change to your delivery destination here.

4. How can I setup my mobile device or mail program for Google@SAS?

Click here to visit the Google@SAS FAQ and look for instructions in the Using Google@SAS section.

5. I forgot my Google@SAS password.

Click here to reset your Google@SAS password

Don't see what you're looking for?  Check out our Google@SAS FAQ page or fill out the form below and we'll get back to you soon.