Mathematica for Arts & Sciences Students

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Actively enrolled students in Penn's School of Arts & Sciences are eligible to download and install Mathematica scientific software onto their personal computers for use in their SAS coursework. Mac, Windows and Linux versions are available.





Faculty, research staff, and students performing non-course research who need Mathematica should visit our Mathematica for Research page.

Requirements for a Student License

  1. You need to be an actively enrolled student in Penn's School of Arts & Sciences. Wharton and SEAS students need to get Mathematica through their respective schools.
    Wharton students click here for more information
    SEAS students click here for more information 
  2. You will need a PennKey.
  3. You will need an SAS email address.  If you don't already have one, please visit our student email page.

 To Get a License and Download Mathematica

  1. Set up a Wolfram Portal account at   For your email address, use this special variation of your normal SAS email address:   Do not use your SAS password; create a new password just for this site.
  2. To complete the account creation process, check your email for an account verification message. That message will be delivered to your normal @SAS email address.
  3. Fill out the form at:
  4. Set the Department to best match your primary field of interest, select "Mathematica for Students for Sites (Single Machine)" as the product. Complete the rest of the form and submit. You will see a confirmation screen with an Activation Key and download instructions. You will also get a copy of this information in your email.
  5. Download and install the software from
  6. Use the Activation Key you received when you are prompted for it (during installation or at first use).

Problems or questions? Contact for assistance.

Additional Mathematica Resources

Hands-on Start to Mathematica popular tutorials for new users. Topics include creating notebooks and presentations, basic calculations, graphics and interactive models, data analysis, and more:

Deeper Dive: Wolfram Mathematica Learning Center offers hundreds of videos and other dynamic learning resources to maximize your use of Mathematica for your particular area of interest: