Zoom: Limit attendance to Penn participants

  • Faculty & Staff
  • Students & Alumni

Enable the Authenticated Users setting

Sign into Zoom through your web browser, select Settings from the menu the left, then scoll down to find Only Authenticated users can join meetings  Make sure that setting is enabled as shown here


Set Access Restrictions for Meetings

When scheduling Zoom meetings,  enable the Only authenticated users can join option. You will see two choices available:

Penn users only (default choice):  Only users logged into Zoom with any Penn email address can join.  This would be a good choice for most class sessions or other meetings where you want to make sure that only Penn-affiliated people can join.

Sign in to Zoom: Any person signed into any Zoom account can join.  This requires that participants be logged into Zoom in order to join, but does NOT limit access to Penn-affiliated people.

Authentication Exception: Adds an exception for inviting guests from outside of Penn.  Each participant will receive a unique link that bypasses authentication.  Be careful with this link, anyone with it will be able to bypass authentication.