Request a Zoom Add-on

  • Faculty & Staff
  • Students & Alumni

The normal capacity for a Zoom meeting is 300 participants.  For large events, you can use either a Large Meeting option (for either 500 or 1000 participants) or use a Webinar.  Webinars provide additional functionality for large events.  You can see a comparison between Zoom Meeting and Webinar functionality here.


Student Groups, SASgov, and LPSgov now have access to Zoom.  Students can contact Mary Spada ( in the Vice Provost for University Life office to request access for their group and review options for Webinar and Large Meeting add-ons.  Visit for more information.

SAS Grad Students should contact their Home Department Business Office.

SAS Computing has a small number of Large Meeting and Webinar licenses that we can make available for a fee to groups that occasionally (less than 5 per year) host large events. Groups that host more than 5 large events will do better to buy a dedicated account.  Think of it as renting vs buying.  See below for the costs associated with each option:


"Rent" for a single event:

LargeMeeting 500 participants: $100

LargeMeeting 1000 participants: $200

Webinar 500 participants: $250, with possible additional labor charges for event facilitation

Webinar 1000 participants: $612, with possible additional labor charges for event facilitation


Buy a dedicated account for 1 year.  Minimum 1 year purchase required; ~10 business days lead time required

LargeMeeting 500 participants: $540

LargeMeeting 1000 participants: $972

Webinar 100 participants: $360

Webinar 500 participants: $1,260

Webinar 1000 participants: $3,060

Webinar 3000 participants: $8,910

Click here to submit your request for a Zoom add-on.