Return to Campus Information for Faculty and Staff

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Welcome back to campus! When planning to revisit your office after these many months away, SAS Computing and Facilities have some recommendations to help with technical issues you may encounter:

Contact your LSP

Let your Local Support Provider know in advance when your first day back will be. They can check for any accounts that need to be reset and alert you to changes specific to your area. They may also be able to power on your computer ahead of your arrival and ensure it is ready to use.

Let your LSP know if you took any equipment home. Spare peripherals (keyboards, mice, cables, etc.) may be available to borrow until you return to campus full time.

The technology in classrooms and conference rooms may not yet be ready for use. Check with your LSP if you expect to need one of these spaces. Please do not remove equipment from these rooms.

Like you, LSPs have not yet resumed their normal routines so may not be on-site at the time of your visit. The fastest way to get assistance is to email the help address for your department or center to create a ticket that will be answered by the first available member of your support team.

Campus WiFi

Laptops and phones that have been off campus for an extended period of time may need their connection to AirPennNet reconfigured. Click here for instructions for Apple iOS and macOS. New devices will need to be configured for the first time.

Leave your computer on

If your office computer has been shut down for the duration, it will need many (many!) updates. It may be slow to respond when first turned on and report that the antivirus is out of date (among other things). When you are done for the day, please sign out of your account but leave the computer powered on so it can continue to receive updates.


If you synced your PennKey and O365 passwords earlier in the year, this did not affect your Windows desktop login password. If you cannot recall your computer login, it can be reset here. Mac users with local logins will need to contact their LSP to reset their password.

Your files

If you’ve been storing documents and data locally on your computer while working from home, now is the time to get them back where they belong! Files saved to SAS network shares (S: or U: drives) are protected by robust backup procedures that help prevent accidental deletion or destruction by malware.

Even storing files on university-supported cloud services like Penn+Box provide additional protection over keeping a copy solely on your local computer. Ask your LSP if you need help moving your files to a safer location.

Other considerations

If you have trouble logging into your computer and need assistance, it would be helpful to have your Penn email and Zoom installed on your phone ahead of time so your LSP can reach you. You can also use the Outlook web app to access your messages on another computer.

Please test printing, especially if you are bringing a new laptop onto campus for the first time.

To report a problem in your office with ventilation, lights, housekeeping, etc., please submit a ticket with SAS Facilities.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we all work together on our return to campus!