How to re-configure your macOS device for AirPennNet before returning to campus

  • Faculty & Staff
  • Students & Alumni

Upon returning to campus your macOS device will need to be reconfigured for AirPennNet for you to be able to access the wireless network. Opening this page on your Macbook will help you with the configuration so that you can access the links directly from your device.

You will first need to remove the existing AirPennNet profile from your device by going to System Preferences>Profiles. Select the University of Pennsylvania AirPennNet Profile and then click the minus in the bottom left to remove the profile. Your machine will prompt for your computer password.

Once deleted, Connect to "Connect to AirPennNet" and go to:

in the web browser on your device. Select the Configure Profile Only option, enter your PennKey and password and then click Join Now.

 You will then be prompted to download the new profile. Click OK to Open with System Preferences.

System Preferences will open and you will then click on Install.  You will then be prompted for your computer password to approve the install.

Once installed you can close System Preferences and your device will connect to AirPennNet when you are next on campus.


Please reach out to your LSP with any questions.