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Qualtrics is an online service for creating and administering surveys. The School of Arts and Sciences has a site license for Qualtrics. SAS faculty, students and staff as well as students enrolled in SAS courses are eligible to use Qualtrics.

  • Create a new Qualtrics Account  Visit https://upenn.qualtrics.com to sign up for an account or to use it. Log in with your PennKey username and password. 
  • If you had a SAS Qualtrics prior to 2016  You account may be in the older http://sasupenn.qualtrics.com Login with your email address and Qualtrics password.  Do not create new accounts in http://sasupenn.qualtrics.com  
  • Sharing surveys across organizations  It is possible to collaborate on surveys for users in different Qualtrics instances.  For example, a user in sasupenn.qualtrics.com  can share a survey with someone who has their account in upenn.qualtrics.com   For details, visit https://www.qualtrics.com/support/survey-platform/my-projects/sharing-a-project/ and see the section about "Sharing Outside Your Organization and with New Users"  

Arts & Sciences faculty staff or students who are having trouble setting up or using their Qualtrics accounts can contact .

Looking for help using Qualtrics? 

Visit the Qualtrics Academic Support Center  https://www.qualtrics.com/academic-support/  to access



Care must be taken when using any online system to collect sensitive or confidential data. If you plan to use Qualtrics to collect such data, or have questions about whether your data will contain sensitive information, please contact: , or your LSP.