Suggested Permission Levels for Sharing PennO365 Calendar

  • Faculty & Staff

PennO365 offers you the ability to give others varying levels of access rights to your calendar.  By default, the level of access given to all users of this system is Free/Busy.  If this is the level of access that you want others within your organization to have, you do not need to do anything.  However, there may be scenarios where you need to offer a greater level of sharing.  Outlook offers many different permissions level.

  • Free/Busy time: This setting is typically set to the Default user and restricts other PennO365 users not given permissions to view your calendar except when being scheduled. At that time the only thing people can see is a blue block (busy time) or white (free time).  This is an appropriate setting for everyone.
  • Free/Busy time, subject, location: This setting is one step up from the default setting. This will allow other PennO365 the ability to see that you are busy, where you are, and the subject of the meeting. All other information is blocked from them and if they double-click on a meeting will be told they do not have sufficient permissions to view the calendar. This setting is helpful for supervisors and coworkers who may need to know where you are at any given time.
  • Editor: The PennO365 user can create, view, modify, and delete events on your calendar. This level of access effectively gives the person full read and write access to your calendar.  However, they will not be able to read any event that is marked as private.  This is a good level for people scheduling for other users
  • Reviewer: This is the setting to use if you are using a Windows or a Mac and you sharing your calendar with a person with a Mac.  Otherwise they will not be able to open the calendar.This does give the user full access to see your calendar unless you have marked something as private. 

If you have any trouble you can contact your Local Support Provider for assistance.