Physics Departmental Copier/Scanner

You can now use the copier in the copy room as a scanner, and also as a printer. The copier will scan the document as it normally would during copy, however instead of printing it out it will email your document straight to your inbox. By default the document will be sent in plain text, with no password so please keep this in mind when scanning documents. There is information below on how to assign a password to the document before transfer.


General Usage

  1. Select the "Scanner" option from the left-side buttons.
  2. Place your document either in the automatic document feeder tray on the top, or on the flatbed.
  3. Enter your email address by hitting "Manual Entry" near the center of the touchscreen. After your first scan it should remember your email address in the address book below "Manual Entry".
  4. Press "File Name/Type" if you would like to change the file type between TIFF/JPG/PDF.
  5. Press the big green "Start" button. At this point you should be done, and will receive the scanned version of the document in your email inbox shortly.


Setting a PDF Password on your document

  1. Once you are in the scanner section and have your email address entered (see above "General Usage" instructions) click on "File Name/Type".
  2. Select "PDF" as your file type (single or multi page as appropriate).
  3. Click on "Security Settings" under "PDF File".
  4. Click "On" next to "Encrypt Document", then click "Enter" next to password and enter the password you would like to use. Press "Ok" then confirm your password and press "Ok" until you are back to the main screen where you typed your email into.
  5. It is important that after you are done scanning your document you go back and change "Encrypt Document" to "Off", or your settings will persist for the next person to use the scanner.