Classroom Technology

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The Classroom Finder is an on-line database with detailed information about facilities, technology and support in Central Pool classrooms. The Classroom Finder is the best place to start when you want to get information about a specific classroom.

Information about building administrators and technology support contacts is also posted in each classroom near the door and on the chalk dispenser, and on the Classroom Technology Services web site at

For more information about Central Pool classrooms, please contact

John represents SAS on the Provost’s Classrooms Facilities Review Committee. He will be happy to help you identify the right classroom, technology or support provider for your class.

 Almost every classroom used for SAS courses is scheduled by the Office of the Registrar as part of the Central Pool. Support for facilities and technology in Central Pool classrooms involves a number of people and departments. Below is a table summarizing the major support functions. 

Housekeeping & Maintenance Always contact the local building administrator with comments, questions or complaints about cleanliness, seating, chalkboards, window coverings, doors, ventilation, etc. Use the Classroom Finder to identify the building administrator for a specific room. They will coordinate with the appropriate people for University Facilities.
Computer & Audiovisual Equipment

The SAS Computing local support provider (LSP) provides technical support for classes. Use the Classroom Finder to identify the LSP for a specific room.  Contact this person with comments, questions or complaints about computer & AV equipment in the room.

VPUL Facilities is responsible for technology support for non-academic special events. See below for more information on support for special events.

Software SAS Computing provides an extensive set of software in classrooms. If you have questions about the configuration of classroom computers or requests for special software, please contact Multi-Media Services at 215-898-4947 or .
Renovation & Major Improvements The Provost's Classroom Facilities Review Committee manages the process of renovating Central Pool classrooms, including the installation of new equipment.
Equipment Selection, Installation & Maintenance Classroom Technology Services (CTS) of ISC is responsible for the design of classroom technology systems. They supervise installation and technical maintenance.
Scheduling for Classes & Special Events The Office of the Registrar is responsible for scheduling of classes and academic special events such as exams and review sessions. Send mail to , call 898-7511 or use their on-line room request form.

VPUL Facilities is responsible for nonacademic events such as symposia, student activities and other uses not related to course activity. Send mail to , call 898-5552 or use their on-line room request form.