Student Equipment Loan Policy

We want to make it easier for you to complete assignments that require access to digital recording equipment within a SAS course.  Multi-Media Services (MMS) maintains an inventory of audio and video recording devices and accessories that can be checked out and returned from the MMS front desk. Please carefully review the policies below before requesting equipment.





1. Any student enrolled in a SAS class will have access to the Multi-Media Services' inventory from the first day of the semester (Fall and Spring only) till the end of the semester.

  • Students enrolled in SAS courses may borrow audio and video recording equipment. 
  • SAS students fulfilling assigned course work or enrolled in an independent study supervised by an SAS faculty member will also have equipment access pending written authorization from the instructor.

2. Circulation intervals and details:

  • Equipment must be picked up within 2 hours following the requested time or the reservation will be forfeited.
  • Reservations can be made up to 21 days in advance.
  • The maximum length of a loan is 48 hours.
  • Only five individual items may be checked out at one time.
  • Only one item of each type (i.e. HDV Camera Kit) may be checked out at one time.

3. Equipment returned after the due date/time will result in charges to your bursar bill. Late returns are subject to a $25/day fee charged to the student's Bursar bill.

4. At the time of check out, students will be required to sign a statement acknowledging receipt of all equipment and accessories, and the terms of the loan.

5. Students are encouraged to verify equipment functionality before leaving Multi-Media Services. This includes the charge state of rechargeable batteries.

6. Students are responsible for providing at their own expense any consumable supplies, such as non-rechargeable batteries and SD cards.

7. Students are responsible for returning all items and are financially liable for any items lost, damaged, or stolen. Charges will be based on the replacement cost for missing equipment, up to the $500 deductible under the University's Risk Management program. Charges will be assessed through the student's Bursar bill.

8. Please direct questions to or call 215-898-4947.

9. Please report lost or damaged equipment to 215-898-4947.

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