MMS - Getting Started with Freshservice

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This doc is intended for MMS part-timers using Freshservice for the first time. It covers the major aspects of the Freshservice browser app. It's best read straight through and referenced as needed, but it can be followed like a walktrough, too. 



As Freshservice agents, nothing stops us from looking at, responding to, or changing the statuses of anything in our workspace. Why does this matter? Unlike our FootPrints workspace, which contained only Instructional Support and MMS business, SASC’s Freshservice workspace contains business from all over SAS Computing. We absolutely encourage curiosity, but please be careful when interacting with items in Freshservice. This means interacting beyond a simple peek only when it’s your business.


Logging into Freshservice

Log into Freshservice with your PennKey at

A link to the SAS Freshservice portal has been added to the part-timer start page.



After logging in, you’ll see the Freshservice dashboard. This gives an overview of the current ticket state of SAS computing. While good fodder for the curious, the dashboard is mostly useless to us. We’ll want to view more pertinent tickets.


Viewing pertinent tickets



To see tickets under your last-used filter (which, until you change it, shows tickets assigned to you, any team you’re on, and all tickets that are unassigned), click the ticket icon second from the top in the navigation sidebar on the left (1).

To apply a common (or saved) filter (called a ticket view), click the arrow next to the name of your current ticket view in the second banner from the top of the page and select from a dropdown list of illustratively-named saved views (2).

To apply a custom filter, use the filter sidebar on the right. You can filter by a huge range of criteria, but most generally you’ll want to view tickets assigned to yourself (“Me” in the Agents field) or the Multimedia Services group (which should auto fill when you start typing it in the Groups field.)

You can save your current filter as a custom ticket view by clicking the check button in the ticket view banner next to the ticket view name. Clicking the check with the ellipsis lets you save the current filter as a new view (3). Clicking the check without the ellipsis saves the current view to reflect the current filter (4).




Seeing who’s assigned and who's watching

Click a ticket to see its contents. Most of the ticket’s metadata (request info, assignees, etc.) will be clearly listed in the sidebar on the right. This is all easily changeable, so be careful.

To see who’s watching a ticket (different from who’s assigned), click the star icon on the left of the list of action icons in the second banner from the top of the page. Use this dropdown menu to add or remove yourself if you wish.



Broadly speaking, there are two ways to respond to a ticket.

First, you can reply by clicking the Reply button at the bottom of a ticket. What you write here will be added to the ticket and sent to the customer.

Second, you can add a note by clicking the Add Note button at the bottom of a ticket. Notes will only be sent to assigned agents and will not be included in any email thread that includes the customer.

As of this writing, our policy is to use best judgment when deciding how to respond to a ticket.



When replying or adding notes to tickets, you are asked to provide a status as part of the submission process. As of this writing, MMS’s only distinction will be between open (which includes all “live” or non-closed statuses) and closed, which will mean the same thing they meant in FootPrints. As our workflows evolve and things change, this document will be updated.


More information

Feel free to check out the SAS pages for tutorials and other common Freshservice concerns. You can find them under the “Using Freshservice” heading here.

For anything else, ask Cpass.