SAS Zoom Account Migration, August 2020

  • Faculty & Staff

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Penn has a new Zoom account for all faculty, staff and students.  

On Tuesday 8/11/20 we migrated our Arts & Sciences Zoom account into a new account covering all of Penn. 

See below for a summary of what changed

Our new account provides several important benefits:

  • All users will have fully functional accounts, and not subject to 40 minute time limits
  • Students will be able to use Zoom to collaborate outside of instructor-lead class sessions
  • It will be easier to coordinate Zoom meetings across schools and divisions within Penn
  • Instructors who do not teach every term will have fully licensed accounts even in terms when they are not teaching
  • We have integrated Zoom with Canvas and Panopto to make it easier to use Zoom for teaching

  • If you already have a Penn Arts & Sciences Zoom account

    • Please carefully review the summary of changes below
    • You will continue to login with your PennKey, but note that you will need to use the new login information
    • Existing links to meetings and recording will continue to work, but see details below
  • Students or others who do not already have Arts & Sciences Zoom accounts.



Prior to migration on 8/11/20

After migration on 8/11/20



Most SAS faculty; full time SAS staff; some graduate students

All SAS faculty, staff and students, inlcuding faculty who are not teaching in the current term


Faculty who had accounts reduced to Basic level over the summer will have fully licensed accounts.


Students and others who did not have already have SAS Zoom accounts can create their accounts after 12:00 noon on 8/12/20 by logging in at

SAS may be able to grant Zoom accounts to approved PennKey holders who do not have faculty, staff or student affiliation

Penn members from schools or centers other than SAS should contact their IT department for information on how they can get Zoom accounts


In a web browser:  or

Through Zoom desktop or mobile client:

Click Sign In with SSO then enter sasupenn as the company domain

In a web browser:  or

Through Zoom desktop or mobile client:

Click Sign In with SSO then enter upenn as the company domain

At the time of the migration, all users will be signed out of Zoom and need to sign in using the new process

Meeting links

Meeting links are in this format:

Meeting links are in this format:

Existing meeting links in the format will continue to work.

New meeting links will be in format

Existing meeting passcodes will not change; existing meeting links that include embedded passcodes will continue to work

New opportunities will be available to limit access to meetings to Penn-affiliated people. See


Cloud recordings are stored in the Zoom user account in the “Recordings” area.

Cloud recording links are in this format:

Both local and cloud recording are available

Cloud recordings are stored in the Zoom user's account in the “Recordings” area for 120 days.

Cloud recording links are in this format:

Both local and cloud recording are available

Links to existing recordings in the format will continue to work.

New links will be in the format.

New opportunities will be available to limit access to recordings to Penn-affiliated people.

Meeting Capacity

Max. 500 participants per meeting

Max. 300 participants per meeting

Users who need more than 300 participants will be able to buy extra large meeting capacity. See

User Profile

Most information in the user profile will remain the same.

Personal Meeting ID and Personal Link will display in the format  But the sasupenn.zoom format links will continue to work

Email address for the Zoom account will be in the form of

The Zoom email address in the format is the primary user identity in Zoom.

You will use this when inviting Alternative Hosts, pre-assigning students in breakouts, or otherwise identifying most other Penn Zoom users.  

User Settings


You should review all your account settings after the migration.  Some may have changed

Initial settings will be based on default values as configured in the new Penn account.

Individual users will be able adjust many  settings according to personal preference.  But some settings will be locked and cannot be changed by users. 

Webinar Accounts

Several SAS groups have purchased Zoom webinar accounts that are not attached to the sasupennsasupenn.zoom account

Webinar accounts are available through the upenn.zoom account.  For rental and purchasing information, see

Groups with their independent webinar accounts can contact to set up new webinar accounts through the upenn.zoom account

SAS Computing has a small number of Large Meeting and Webinar licenses that we can make available for a fee to groups that occasionally (less than 5 per year) host large events.


To request a license, complete the form at the bottom of this page

Alternative Host & Scheduling Privileges

Some Zoom users have set Alternative Host for their meetings.

Some Zoom users have designate people to schedule Zoom meeting on their behalf

Alternative Hosts and Scheduling Privilege relationships will NOT be carried forward through the migration.

Users will need to re-invite Alternative Hosts or re-assign Scheduling Privileges

When inviting Alternative Hosts or assigning Scheduling Privileges, invite people based on their Zoom username <pennkey> 

Integration with Canvas and Panopto

Instructors manually paste links to meetings and recordings into Canvas.

Instructors manually upload recordings into Panopto to share with students through Canvas

The integration of Zoom with Canvas and Panopto integrations makes it easier to schedule Zoom meetings, invite students and share recordings with students.  See details