Using Google@SAS only for Apps

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Google@SAS is not just about email. You can use a Google@SAS account for docs, calendar, chat and other applications while having your email delivered to another account of your choosing.

Why would I want to do this?

Creating a Google@SAS account doesn't require that you use it for your school email. Having a Google@SAS account can facilitate collaboration with other SAS students. Just open the sharing settings in the doc or calendar and start typing the name or SAS email address of the person with whom you want to share.If that person has a Google@SAS account, their name will automatically appear in a pick list.

Some classes will use shared Google@SAS documents, web sites or calendars for course work; you may need to setup an account in order to complete class assignments.

But I already have a Google account that I use for docs, etc.

That's OK. It's easy to manage two or more Google accounts. See instructions about how to easily switch between multiple Google accounts.

Here's how to set up a Google@SAS account for apps-only

  1. Go to Log in with your PennKey
  2. UN-CHECK the box that says, "Deliver email to this account"

  3. When your account is created, you'll be prompted to login. Since you are not using Google@SAS for email, you can disregard the notice about email delivery

  4. When you login to your Google@SAS account in the future, use your SAS email address as the username and the password you just created or use this link:
  5. If you forget your Google@SAS password, you can reset it at